Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to Stay in Norfolk?

We turn now to the fraught question, what hotel in Norfolk?

Most convenient to the arena appears to be Springhill Suites (by Marriott), which is right next door. It has suites available at $149 and $229.

And that, according to Google maps, is just about that, for hotels within walking distance of the Ted Constant Convocation Center!

There are plenty of other hotels but none closer than a mile, most several miles. Which means getting a rental car right off the plane, something I'd rather avoid if I can for this itinerary: taxi to the hotel, leave the bag if the room isn't ready, walk to the game. Maybe get a rental car for touring about on the off-day.

Tripadvisor and Expedia both turn up lists of hotels, some in Norfolk and some in nearby Portsmouth. It should be possible to get a room near the airport for around $100; less if you can accept a two-star.