Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cal tickets available by phone or chat


Stanford plays at Cal on Thursday evening, February 16th. According to the Cal website, single-game tickets should be available now. However, we tramped through every available path and were not able to buy online.

Then we tried the "live chat" option found at the bottom of this page. The person on the other end of the chat was Patrick, at the Cal Ticket office, who was very helpful.

Try the chat first. If that fails, you might try calling Patrick at 510-642-2699. Be sure to tell him you hear he is super nice.

Monday, October 17, 2016

PAC-12 Tournament Pre-sale

Update:If you are internet-savvy, you can try the website described here. But if your human communication skills are better than your computer ones, you can call direct to Jaron Iwakami in the Storm organization, at 206.272.2553 and he will be happy to help you.

You can order your PAC-12 tournament seats now. Tickets are managed by the Seattle Storm from this URL but don't click yet!

When you click that link you get to a Ticketmaster/Storm page that we have found is a little flakey. First off, it uses Adobe Flash to display the available seat map from which you will choose your seats. Every browser is currently hatin' on Flash. Firefox and Chrome will try not to run it. You have to tell them that it is OK to run Flash on this URL. Look for some kind of popup saying that Flash has been blocked, and click the choice to let it run.

Also, if you run an ad-blocker, it is probably a good idea to disable it for this URL.

Then, you will want to log in to your Storm account, if you created one when buying tournament tickets in prior years. Even if you don't already have a Storm account you want to click the "log in" link in the upper right, because the resulting pop-up dialog is where the "create an account" link is hiding.

Oh, did I mention pop-up dialog? Because if you have your browser set to block pop-ups, the "log in" dialog will not appear because it's a pop-up dialog. So if it doesn't show up, that's why; or maybe it's your ad-blocker you forgot to disable.

With any luck you have managed to log in to your Storm account and the seat map has quit showing a busy-spinner icon and actually shows you a seat map. You will then find that only the center sections are available for reservation. The majority of pie-chunks are G.A. As of today there are plenty of seats low down in section 113, the section nearest the higher-seed's bench.

OK? Pour a fresh cup of beverage and go for it!