Saturday, March 26, 2016


A report by travelling fan Su Schaffer:

WOW! What other comment could one possibly make about the exciting and surprising win... of Washington over Kentucky. And DOUBLE WOW!! When you add the tremendous execution that led to the Stanford win over Notre Dame. This was an evening of basketball laced with drama... I was continually caught between holding my breath and cheering.

The scene was exciting. The Kentucky fans were loud and proud and lots of fun. Families brought hand crafted signs, the kids jumped and danced and were in awe of the Wildcat standing on the shoulders of the cheer squad. They were a reminder of how much the fans can create an atmosphere that brings out the entertainment of sport.

Washington held their poise, executed beautifully, and surprised a 6000+ crowd of Kentucky fans. Osahor was masterful on defense and her usual quirky self on offense. Between their zone and Osahor's size down low, Kentucky was baffled and certainly out-rebounded.

Su and Heidi Vanderveer enjoy the game.
We Stanford stalwarts numbered about 100. Most of the fans were players' families. Kaylee had 20 family members there. And then there was the band! One of Kentucky's finest marching bands subbed for the Stanford band which wasn't allowed to make the trip. While they didn't play our favorite songs, they rocked the place and, dressed in Stanford t-shirts, seemed to love doing it.

Stanford started their game allowing an "and one" which had some of us immediately going uh-oh. Silly us, the team proceeded to have a 69% shooting half, finishing it with more points than we had in several early games. Up by 11 at the half, we wondered how we would hold onto the lead as our scoring would surely slip.

It came down to focus and execution. Our attention never seemed to waver. We kept our poise and countered a three with a three. Our defense in the second half combined with Notre Dame's increasing frustration allowed us to contain them even in spite of Turner's production at the basket.

All told, it was a fantastic evening of basketball the likes of which I haven't seen in a long time. The excitement, the adrenaline rush, the win, and the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale to top it off!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lexington Travel Advice

Round one of the Lexington regional is on Friday, in the Lexington Center. The first game, Kentucky vs. Washington, is at 7pm. Stanford vs. Notre Dame is at 9:30pm. Order tickets through the Stanford ticket office or buy from Ticketmaster.

The Elite Eight game is on Sunday at 12pm1pm local/EDT (according to ticketmaster and other sources).

From Su Schaffer,

Just a few thoughts re travel to the Regionals.

Air travel is tight because of Spring Break and Easter.

Cincinnati is a larger airport than Lexington and is 73 miles away from Rupp Arena. Car rental rates are very favorable.

The Grand Hyatt and downtown Hilton are within 1/2 mile of Rupp.

Also, remember the right way to book for an uncertain playoff: plan to return after the first game; in this case, on Saturday. Book your flight using an option that lets you reschedule the return leg (best to call the airline and book through a human representative to be sure). If Stanford should upset Notre Dame you can reschedule your departure to Monday. Your hotel will not be averse to extending your stay; after all, a bunch of Notre Dame fans would be checking out at the same time.