Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NY Frame of Mind (2) Streets of Manhattan

Saturday and Sunday we had time to wander the streets of Manhattan. Here are a few pictures. The Lake in Central Park... Joggers in Central Park... View of Liberty from Battery Park... Tourists play with the Wall Street Bull... Old Grumpy walks the Brooklyn Bridge... We noted a lot of women dressed so sharp they could cut... We had a very nice lunch in an upscale food-market. Actually most of the food prices were quite reasonable. Late Sunday there was a basketball game... Quite enough has been written about it elsewhere. "The RAC" is quite a friendly venue. The lower bowl is about the same size as Maples's. The roof is much higher and the cheap seats climb wayyyy up. The band looks good but didn't have a very interesting repertoire or much excitement. But the announced crowd of 4,300 was very noisy and supportive.