Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Are We Going and How Will We Get There???

It's Norfolk

update (teletype noises..) Stanford will play in Norfolk, VA on Saturday at 1pm (EST). After wining Saturday/Monday games there, they will move to Fresno for the regional, as expected.

Marian will have the FBC Schedule page updated shortly with info on the venue and the opponents.

Tickets Online Now

Go to Stanford's Road to the Final Four website to order your Stanford tickets now.

Then come back here in a few minutes for airline info!

Everyone's in a dither about where the inscrutable nabobs of the NCAA Selection Committee will place the Cardinal for the 1st & 2nd rounds. Will it be Iowa or Oklahoma or somewhere even farther?

We'll all know sometime after 4pm tomorrow. At which time I'll be jumping on Hipmunk and Kayak to figure out flights from SJC and SFO to Bump City, AR, or wherever it turns out to be.

I could use some help in this, and would appreciate it every contribution. As you figure out anything about the logistics of travel to Bump City, post a comment to this blog entry! You can post as anonymous or you can login in a variety of ways. Just click the comments link at the end of the post and add your notes.

By 9pm I'll put up a summary as a new post, and you can go on commenting on that.

Pro Tip from A. Terrell

Anne Terrell writes that Southwest will allow you to make reservations (by phone only) to two separate cities to be held for 24 hours. She is thinking of getting reservations to K.C. and ChiTown even though "my gut feeling is telling me Norman..."

Update Monday morning

You've probably had the email from Eileen with the link to Road to the Final Four website. It promises to be "your online destination for tickets, fan events, travel information and more..." So, have that page open in your web browser and refresh it around 5pm. Let's see how much info they have.


  1. what happened to spokane?

  2. The spokane first&second rounds feed into the Kingston regional. We're better off playing the regional in Fresno.

  3. BTW... Newport News is also a close by airport (PHF)but of the three, I think Richmond has the most flights and carriers