Friday, January 14, 2011

Cardinal Handily Humbles Huskies

By Wally Mersereau

Stanford, wearing its black uniforms, started this road trip confidently, topping the University of Washington by 29 points in Seattle.

I thought the Huskies played better than their record would suggest and they kept up their efforts into the final minute, although the outcome was never in doubt. Stanford was off to a quick start, jumping out to an 11-0 lead in the first 4 minutes. From there Stanford slowly and steadily built its lead over the course of the game. At the half it was 36-21 and the final was 80-51. Tara did not feel comfortable enough to empty the bench. Mikaela and Sara had only a few minutes on the court. Ashley and Grace did not play, nor did Mel.

Nneka led the offense with 16 points, combined with 11 rebounds. Jeanette had 15 points and Kayla 14. Jeanette played 37 minutes, Kayla 35, Nneka 34 and Lindy 27. Chiney, because of fouls, played only 18 minutes.

Stanford's defense was excellent. Kristi Kingma did not score until the second half and ended with 6 points. Regina Rogers had been reported to be in better shape this season, but I did not notice any visible improvement. She scored 6 points and fouled out with 6 minutes to play. Other Washington players stepped up with a variety of nice shots, but not enough to ever threaten.

Stanford continued to have too many turnovers, mostly due to scrappy play by the Huskies and continued to miss easy layups, most noticeably on fast breaks. Cardinal 3-point shooting was mediocre in this game, with only 5 of 20 going in--25%, but those five all were timely. Stanford got a lot of trips to the free throw line and made 21 of 27 for 78%.

The weather in Seattle was overcast and drizzly in the morning with a high temperature in the mid-50s which is above average for this date. The relatively good and dry weather at game time didn't boost attendance at Bank of America Arena on the UW campus. The official figure was more than 2700, but I thought only about 2000 seats were actually occupied. There were about 50 Stanford fans present, including five Fast Break Club members. A sign behind the student section read "Dawg Pack" and maybe 80 students were there. The Washington band had about 40 members playing loudly and well from above the Stanford bench.

Sadly, Harry the Husky was not there. Instead, a new Husky mascot, with a much more realistic head, lurked timidly around one of the entrances, but did not venture onto the floor. I am a Harry fan and I hope his happy face and friendly, outgoing manner have not been permanently retired.

This dominant win on the road was reassuring as the team now heads over the Cascades for its Sunday visit to the Palouse.


  1. Thanks Wally, I'm envious of your ability to travel to most (if not all) of the games. It's great to hear the perspective of a true Stanford fan. I watched the game on the internet, which was better than nothing, but not well done. The male announcer kept thinking Washington could get back in and win the game when it was so obvious that was not going to happen. Also, the cameras were only at the ends of the court, so it was difficult to get an overall perspective of the game. Thanks again, and GO CARDINAL!

  2. I also could not travel to the game, but listened to it on the radio (90.1) while watching on the internet. At least I didn't have to endure the bias broadcast from Seattle.

  3. Wally, I think FBC was 7 strong, not 5. Four of us sat behind the band so we didn't have to endure being blasted. Bet you don't have even 5 in Pullman!