Friday, November 13, 2009

Wet Day in Norfolk

The remains of Hurricane Ida put a lot of rain and wind on Norfolk, VA on thursday. One thursday news report of Tara's comments on the signing of Chiney Ogwumike mentioned that she was speaking from the team bus which was in "knee-deep water." When our flight arrived at Norfolk airport at 9am there was only light rain but a stiff 25-knot breeze. As we drove to the ODU campus through city streets, we had to drive around one large downed tree that was blocking half a street. We noticed several other downed trees. Norfolk is threaded by "rivers" which are all really estuaries of the Hampton Roads bay. We drove alongside and crossed a couple of these, and the water seemed quite high, up close to the top of the bank. High tide is around 6pm and with a strong breeze off the Atlantic, some of these may flood. Power is out in sections of the city, and several traffic lights were dark. Traffic was light and most people were handling the missing lights properly (treat them as four-way stops). However, there are lights on in the Ted Constant arena, and the Lady Monarchs' website (linked from the FBC schedule page) confidently says the game will go on at 7pm. There will be at least 7 cardinal fans in the seats, so we'll see!

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