Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fresno Bus Needs Boosters

As an experiment the WBB Office promoted fan buses for two games: this Sunday's game at UC Davis, and the 12/30 game at Fresno. It costs several hundred dollars to rent a bus and driver for a day, and the WBB program doesn't have the budget to subsidize our rides. A minimum number of commits are needed to ensure that the cost will be (nearly) covered. This weekend's Davis game didn't make the cut. Only 19 FBC members handed in applications, well below the minimum needed. So the Davis bus has been cancelled. Will there be a Fresno State fan bus on 12/30? That will depend entirely on how many sign up. Remember, that game is on a Wednesday night and it's a 175-mile drive:
View Larger Map Without the bus, any fan who wants to attend the game has the choice of either staying overnight in Fresno, or driving home over Pacheco pass in the dark. With a bus, you can see the game and then catch some z's while the bus rolls along home. To help ensure a fan bus rolls to Fresno, sign up now!

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