Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stanford vs Temple -- a tale of two halves

By Diana Cordova We are just getting back to the hotel from the game. I must say that this, IMHO, was one of the most impressive comebacks I have witnessed in the 20 years I have been following Stanford women's basketball. Stanford came roaring back in the second half and overcame what seemed to be an insurmountable 17 point halftime lead. The team showed great courage, character, and determination in this most gut-wrenching and stirring comeback. For those of us in the stands, it was an exhausting, emotional night as we did our very best to cheer on the team (especially at the beginning of the second half during the monster 15-0 run). I did not recognize the team that showed up to play that first half. Nothing seemed to work. The offense stalled, everyone was missing shots left and right. What's worse, other than Candice and Jayne, no one seemed to want to shoot the ball. Temple, on the other hand was shooting the lights out. They have a tiny point guard (#21 - Morris) who was simply spectacular. She was very quick and made quite a few 3's in the first half along with some circus shots. She is reminiscent of her coach (Dawn Staley) with the no-look passes, speed, etc. Lady Comfort also played very well for Temple in the first half. The second half was a completely different story. Stanford came out with fire in their eyes and proceeded to shut down the potent Temple offense. Stanford did not allow a point for about the first 8 minutes of the second half while going on a huge offensive run of their own. It was a team effort. Jeannette Pohlen and Jillian Harmon made very important shots and rebounds. Roz draped herself all over #21. The fans were on their feet and before we knew it Stanford had tied the game! There was a worrisome stretch after Stanford tied when they looked a bit tired, Temple began making a few shots, and the refs decided to help the Temple cause with some cheap fouls (leading to Jayne's early departure). Stanford was undeterred, though, and kept playing hard. Candice in particular stepped up her game and saw Stanford through. All in all, this was a very good tournament for Stanford. They got two quality wins against good teams and they found out just how much character they really have. Even in the loss against an outstanding UConn team, they never gave up (the UConn fans were still commenting on Stanford's determination at tonight's game). The season now looks a lot better than it did tonight at half time.

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  1. Diana, I'm so glad that you could travel to a Stanford game this season! But you picked the one that I couldn't go to--I hope our paths cross at another game soon, say like in Tampa?