Monday, November 12, 2007

NY Frame of Mind (1) Crack Of Dawn

We started this East Coast expedition with a 10pm departure from SFO, arriving in Newark at The Crack Of Dawn. Still in the airport we stopped in a coffee shop so Marian could add a headline to the FBC website before we started the day's travelling. While there we bumped into Richard Nancarrow and Dal Miranda, who unknown to us had been on our same flight. They were flying on to New Haven, but we were going by train, which we shortly did: New Jersey Transit to Penn Station, and an Amtrak train from there to New Haven. Here in Penn station we got considerate, helpful service from two Amtrak employees, which was the start of a trend. Every single clerk, driver, or waiter we dealt with this long weekend was responsive, friendly, and helpful. This in what is supposed to be the home of the brusque attitude. Anyway, off to New Haven. A half-hour walk across New Haven in chilly (40-degree) air... ...brought us to our hotel for a short break; then out again into the cold for a five-minute walk to the modest gym where the lady Bulldogs play. This small place, and the small crowd in it, reminded us of WCC venues like St. Mary's and Pepperdine. There was quite a sprinkling of Stanford fans. Ros's mom was up from NYC and chatted with Richard Nancarrow and Wally Mercereau. The game was mostly fun; blowouts are always fun because there's no worry about winning. The only suspense is, will they reach 100 or not? Which Mel's free-throw did. But Michelle's injury took some of the fun out of it. Tomorrow: at large among the Dogs of New York.

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