Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lexington Travel Advice

Round one of the Lexington regional is on Friday, in the Lexington Center. The first game, Kentucky vs. Washington, is at 7pm. Stanford vs. Notre Dame is at 9:30pm. Order tickets through the Stanford ticket office or buy from Ticketmaster.

The Elite Eight game is on Sunday at 12pm1pm local/EDT (according to ticketmaster and other sources).

From Su Schaffer,

Just a few thoughts re travel to the Regionals.

Air travel is tight because of Spring Break and Easter.

Cincinnati is a larger airport than Lexington and is 73 miles away from Rupp Arena. Car rental rates are very favorable.

The Grand Hyatt and downtown Hilton are within 1/2 mile of Rupp.

Also, remember the right way to book for an uncertain playoff: plan to return after the first game; in this case, on Saturday. Book your flight using an option that lets you reschedule the return leg (best to call the airline and book through a human representative to be sure). If Stanford should upset Notre Dame you can reschedule your departure to Monday. Your hotel will not be averse to extending your stay; after all, a bunch of Notre Dame fans would be checking out at the same time.

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