Monday, October 26, 2015

Gonzaga's "Kennel" Nearly Sold Out - Also UCLA

If you have a notion of making the trip to Spokane for the Gonzaga game, as described in our Travel Page, you best buy tickets quickly.

Tickets only went on sale today, 10/26, and at 10AM there remained only scattered seats in the upper tiers. You can try this direct link to the sales page. Or call the Zag's ticket office at 509-313-6000, while looking at this seating chart.

Alternatively you can keep an eye on the Stubhub page for this game. Closer to the date you might catch season ticket holders selling a few. (The entire lower bowl and much of the upper bowl is sold out to season ticket holders!).

Finally, you can hope to buy from a scalper outside the arena on the day. There will surely be some. Here's advice from one who's been burned by scalpers before. One, print out the above-linked seat plan and have it in your pocket, so you can evaluate the ticket location you are offered. Second, look long and carefully at the tickets before handing over any money. Especially make sure they are for the actual date and game—not last year's game or last week's game. Yes, certain people, in the adrenaline rush of dickering in a crowd, have actually paid for obsolete tickets.

And UCLA, Too!

Single-game tickets for the UCLA game on Sunday Jan. 26th are also on sale, and according to the ticket sales page there are "Not Many Left". In fact, there are only a scattered few seats left in the lower bowl in any section, perhaps a dozen in section 101 behind the visitor bench and almost none elsewhere. (Note that at Pauley, unlike Gonzaga, the upper-bowl seats are general admission, so buying GA at the door and going in as soon as the doors open is a valid "plan B".) See our Travel Page notes on this trip for times.


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