Thursday, November 13, 2014

Early access to PAC-12 Tournament Tix

As you probably know, the PAC-12 Tournament is Thursday March 5th through Sunday March 8th at the Key Arena in Seattle. The Seattle Storm organization handles the ticketing for the tournament, and they are making an early outreach to prior attendees. You can take advantage to book excellent seats now.

If you are planning to attend the Tournament, go to this Storm page now. You will see a map of Key Arena with most of the seating colored yellow. Most of those seats will be general admission. An unknown amount of the yellow seats will be alloted to the individual schools.

Two areas on the map are not yellow: section 128 is purple, and the courtside seating is brown. These seats are for sale now. Scroll the page down a bit to see the prices for all-session passes with reserved seating in these areas.

Just to refresh your memory, this is what Key Arena looks like:

You can see where the purple and brown areas are situated.

In order to see what seats are available, you can load an interactive seat-choosing map by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button under the all-session pass prices. However, when I did this, the interactive map did not load in Firefox or in Chrome. I could only get it to load in Safari. So good luck on that. If you do get it to load, in order to complete a purchase you will need to supply your Seattle Storm account name and password—the one you set up last year when buying tournament tickets, perhaps.

Although we did fight through and bought some very nice seats in the second row of the purple section, probably the better way is for you to call or email Kirk Bighaus, a member of the Storm's staff who is very eager to sell tournament tickets. His phone number is 206-272-2554, and his email is kbighaus at stormbasketball dot com. He can tell you where the best seats are and can sell them to you right away.

Should you do this? Or should you wait for Tournament time and order through the Stanford ticket office? It's hard to say. The only thing we know for sure at this point, is that Stanford's allotment will not be in section 128 or the courtside seats. The first year in Seattle, the Stanford seats were terrible, many rows high and in a corner. Last year they were somewhat better. If you think it's important to sit behind the Stanford bench, or if you are not certain you will attend the tournament, you might wait. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to Call Kirk and lock down some good seats now.

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  1. The past two years I have gotten tickets 1) via Stanford and 2) on site at the box office. I was not happy with my seat either time. Bottom line, I'm following your advice this season.