Monday, September 19, 2011

2011-12 Travel Plans Forming!

Dinner meet-up in Austin

Stanford alum Sam Chang and others in the Stanford Club of Austin are planning a pre-game dinner meet before the Stanford-Texas game on Friday, November 11th.

If you are planning to make this trip and want to join in, email Sam directly (

New Travel Info Posted

The FBC Travel page has been updated with fresh info for 2011-12! The general info has been refreshed (big surprise: airport parking costs $1 more than last year). Also, logistics info and travel suggestions for the first two trips (Texas, and UConn/Xavier) have been added.

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  1. David and FBC fans.
    Just a heads up. If you plan on doing the LA trip, at the end of December, you should note that UCLA is not playing in Pauley Pavillion this year but instead in the Wooden Center. There are no individual seats to be sold for the Stanford game this year. The Wooden Center lists a seating of 1800, but I would guess they will squeeze in a few more. I have linked the Bruins ticket site here

    Scroll down to the part that says "Basketball Single Game Tickets" It mentions to get tickets for games vs USC, Stanford or Tennessee you will need to buy a mini plan.

    I wouldnt want people to make the trip and get shut out. You might try amd call the office for more details.

    Hope this helps.

    IM in OC