Monday, March 7, 2011

PAC-10's 3-Ring Circus

The PAC-10 tournament is about to kick off a mini-march-madness week-long circus of games. Now that the seedings are known, here's how the schedule breaks down for Stanford fans (print this page for handy reference):

  • Wednesday
    • 12:00 Galen Center: ASU v. OSU
    • 2:15 Galen Center: UA v. UO
    • 5:00 Galen Center: USC v. WSU
    • 6:00 Staples Center: Stanford men v. OSU
    • 7:15 Galen Center: Cal v. UW
  • Thursday
    • 2:30 Staples Center: Stanford men (if they won) v. UA
    • 3:00 Galen Center: (ASU or OSU) v. (Cal or UW)
    • 5:15 Galen Center: (UA or UO) v. (USC or WSU)
  • Friday
    • 12:00 Staples Center: Stanford women v. somebody
    • 2:30 Staples Center: UCLA v. somebody else
    • 6:00 Staples Center: men's semi
    • 8:30 Staples Center: men's semi in which Stanford might appear
  • Saturday
    • 11:30am Staples Center: Women's championship
    • 3:00 Staples Center: Men's championship

It is not too late to buy tickets from the Stanford ticket office. Remember, although tickets are priced based on reserved-seat location for the men's games, all women's games are general admission. So you can buy the very cheapest seats, up in the rafters of the Staples Center with the bats and owls, and that's where you'll sit for any men's games you attend. But for a women's game, at Galen or at Staples, just show up when the doors open and sit where you please!

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