Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Travel Committee Needs Travellers

Do you regularly travel to away games? The FBC Travel Committee is short of members for the coming season and needs a few seasoned travellers to help out. Each member of the Travel Committee volunteers to coordinate one away trip, and does whatever they reasonably can do to encourage other FBC members to take that trip and to enjoy the experience. The things a Trip Coordinator does may include:
  • Researching the most convenient or economical air schedules and
  • Researching things to do on off-days - for posting on the Travel Page;
  • For busy venues, researching ticket prices, and web links or phone numbers for purchasing;
  • Answering occasional email queries about the trip;
  • Keeping an email list of people planning to go and letting them know your cell#;
  • Getting in touch with Amy to schedule a pre- or post-game talk when possible.
Then, during "your" trip, you make yourself accessible to other FBC members to answer questions and try to make people feel included. The Trip Coordinator is not responsible for fans' enjoying the trip (FBC travellers are a savvy, independent bunch anyway!). You simply try in small ways to help them enjoy it. Sometimes (and this is strictly optional) a Trip Coordinator will arrange a group dinner, happy hour, or other event. Also sometimes the Trip Coordinator will take ticket orders, get tickets and distribute them to other FBC members. But this is a major time commitment (just ask Don Anderson, Fran Liu, or Dal Miranda, who've done it) and is not required. This year's road trips (and coordinators) are:
  • Sunday 11/16, Baylor in Waco TX
  • 11/28-30, tournament in Honolulu
  • 12/16-21, Duke, S.Carolina & Tennessee (Dave Cortesi)
  • 1/2-4, ASU and AU
  • 1/18, Cal bus trip
  • 1/22-24, UO & OSU (Don Anderson)
  • 2/6-8, WSU & UW (Peter Elderon)
  • 2/27-3/1, UCLA & USC
  • 3/12-15 , PAC-10 tourney in L.A.
As you can see, we can use coordinators for two LA trips, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, and the Cal game. If you are planning to make one of those trips and want to share the excitement with your fellow FBC members, email travel@stanfordfbc.org right away! Go (go go go) Cardinal!

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