Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spokane Experiences

Some snaps from the Spokane Weekend (click image for larger version). Springlike weather Saturday afternoon in Riverfront Park. Amusing sculpture on steps of Spokane Arena. Crowds milled around waiting for will-call to open. Halftime Saturday: Cully explains to David why Vandy is "in a heap of trouble." Sunday morning we looked out onto fat flakes of snow. It made all the trees look as if they'd been flocked. But an hour later, it had all melted or fallen off. Monday it was clear for a look at the Spokane Falls. Before the Maryland game the Arena staff were assiduously cleaning off footmarks while the Cardinal warmed up. The announced crowd was 6,500 but it looked like more. Wonder how many copies of this image are on the internet? We flew home, appropriately, in a blaze of glory. Noting mile-long swaths of wildflowers near Patterson.
—Dave & Marian Cortesi

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