Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spokane Ticket Sources

Here is the seating chart for the Spokane Arena. The Stanford seats are located in sections ... they don't know yet! As of thursday, they say they will not have assigned sections until they get there. In other news, we hear that Spokane Arena is "nearly sold out." For tickets in whatever section the NCAA finally assigns, call 1-800-STANFORd (1-800-782-6367[3]) and keep hitting "1" at every opportunity until it rings through. If you don't get satisfactory seats from Stanford you can try these:
  • Pittsburgh: 1-800-643-7488
  • Vanderbilt: 1-877-44-VANDY (1-877-448-2639)
  • Maryland's web site
Remember, anyone can append comments on this blog (just below here). If you find something out, please do add a comment! Responding to one comment: the team hotel has usually been the Doubletree, but it has been booked up for some time.


  1. You can also buy non-school-affiliated tickets from the Spokane Arena website, as noted in the prior post.

  2. Does anyone know which is the team hotel? thanks!

  3. The Davenport is the team hotel for this weekend.