Saturday, February 3, 2007

Beyond Thunderdome

By: David & Marian Cortesi Happy not to be taking any more flights (until the trip to Cleveland!) we drove to Santa Barbara. The coastal hills were illuminated by an N.C. Wyeth sunset glow. A rather dramatic full moon was rising as we came into Santa Barbara. We were running late and couldn't stop to get a decent picture. The Gauchos play in The Campus Events Center, a.k.a. The Thunderdome. The Thunderdome is remarkable for having its roof supported on wood trusses. I don't know of any building with a wider span resting on wood. The floors are wood also, and make fine noise if you stomp your feet , which the crowd of 1448 very enthusiastic supporters did frequently (hence Thunderdome). The UCSB women's teams have a strong record. The men—not so much. Even though Don was there with his camera, we essayed a few action pictures. Here is Brooke blocking a shot, Jane grabbing a rebound, Jillian making a breakaway layup with her left hand, ...and another with her right hand, ...and a jumper. Free pizza! For the loudest fans! This young lady went nuts at this offer. Her efforts were rewarded. After the game, regardless of the outcome, the Gauchos take what is announced as "The High-Five and Appreciation Lap" around the court, exchanging high-fives with their fans. This is a very nice custom, and it would be great if the Cardinal emulated it. Next morning we headed for home the slow way, first east over the Santa Barbara range, and then north along Highway 1. Arriving home after dark, we were pleased to see the Prius had exceeded 50 mpg.

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